Hiding Encrypted Drives From Showing In ‘My Computer’

After encrypting a partition with TrueCrypt the old drive letter and label will remain listed in My Computer. In order to avoid accidentally clicking on the old drive letter you can use a program like EaseUS Partition Master Home Edition (free) in order to hide the drive. This way the drive will only show up once it is mounted via TrueCrypt.

1.  Simply launch EaseUS Partition Master, right click on the old partition letter you wish to hide, and select “Change drive letter”.
2.  The default choice should be “none” which is what we want. Click on OK and repeat the process for all of the partitions you wish to hide. Each of the changes you make will appear under “Pending Operations” which is the last column on the left side.
3.  Once you have finished setting up the changes to your liking click on “Apply” which is located towards the top left corner. There will be a pop up saying that your computer must restart to complete the requested operations.
4.  Accept the pop up and your old partitions will be hidden from My Computer upon restart.