Logitech Gaming Software Not Recognizing Device Fix

A few days ago I had Battlefield 3 and the Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) crash on me in unison. I was running the latest version of LGS 8.46.27. At first I thought it was no big deal but when I relaunched LGS my G9x was no longer recognized. After about two hours of fiddling with the software and device drivers I finally got LGS detecting my G9x again.

Here’s the fix

Unplug the device that LGS isn’t detecting and plug in an alternative device if necessary (in my case I plugged in a spare mouse).

Open the Device Manager > select “View” from the toolbar > select the option “Show hidden devices” and make sure that it’s checked afterwards.

The next step will vary depending on what type of device LGS isn’t recognizing.

Expand the section of the device manager where your device is located. For example, in my case I expanded “Mice and other pointing devices” since I was having issues with a G9x. If you’re having issues with a Logitech keyboard then expand the section “Keyboards”. Now you should see some devices that are grayed out (old devices that aren’t currently connected). Be careful of what you uninstall in the next step.

If you’re having issues with a mouse then right click on each of the grayed out “HID-compliant mouse” devices and select “Uninstall”. Then a window will open with the title “Confirm Device Uninstall”. Select OK. If it’s a Logitech keyboard that you’re having issues with then you’ll want to uninstall each of the grayed out “HID Keyboard Device” devices.

Repeat the above procedure for the grayed out device you’re having issues with (in my case the G9x was grayed out and listed as a “Logitech HID-compliant G9x Laser Mouse”). In this confirmation window check the option to “Delete the driver software for this device.” although this won’t actually uninstall the LGS software.

Uninstall LGS.

Restart the PC for good measure.

Download the appropriate version of USBOblivion.
IMPORTANT: take the time to carefully read about what USBOblivion does and the instructions on how to use it on Rush Information.
After reading the tutorial on how to use USBOblivion run it.

Restart the PC.

Download and install the latest version of LGS.

Restart the PC for good measure.

Make sure LGS is running, plug in the problematic device, and LGS should now recognize the device!