My SLI Experience

For my last video card upgrade I went from a single GTX 280 to two GTX 460’s in SLI. The only reason I went this route is because MicroCenter was discontinuing the Palit Sonic GTX 460 so the price was marked down to $100 per card with a $40 rebate and to top it off I had a coupon for 10% off. In the end the total cost was around $125 for the two cards with tax included. Now onto my experience thus far.

Issue #1-4 – Enabling/Disabling SLI
I’m currently running three monitors and one TV off the two cards. In order for all the displays to be running at once SLI needs to be disabled. When you toggle SLI on or off all of the currently opened windows are relocated to the main monitor and re-sized. Often times my GPU overclock would get reverted back to default and my monitors color profile would get set to the Windows default instead of my custom default. The order of the monitors are also set back to default based on what ports the displays are plugged in so you have to rearrange them once again.

Issue #5 – Support
The only game that I have an issue with is ShootMania but since it’s not very hardware demanding it runs fine on a single GTX 460.

Having to enable/disable SLI multiple times in a day is extremely frustrating. The 600 series onward support running up to four monitors off one card so my first four issues would be irrelevant (SLI could be left enabled the entire time). Regardless I’ll be sticking with a single GPU for my next upgrade even if I find another killer deal. Depending on the price I may order a GTX 770 when it releases in six days on May 30th.