TWL Rainmeter Match Display


Download Rainmeter
Download the TWL Display

Run the Rainmeter installer. Click OK.
Rainmeter Setup 1
Click Next.
Rainmeter Setup 2

Click Install.
Rainmeter Setup 3
Wait for the installer to finish.
Rainmeter Setup 4
Click Finish.
Rainmeter Setup 5
When Rainmeter initially runs there are some default skins in place. In order to remove them right click on the object and select “Unload skin”.
Extract the TWL Display archive into the Rainmeter documents directory (C:\Users\[Username]\Documents\Rainmeter). This display will only show up when there’s an upcoming TWL match. You’ll have to modify Notes.ini in two places. Under [MeasureAttackDefend] change Url="" to point to your team’s profile. Next, you may need to modify the Regex code RegExp="(?siU)<b>(.*)</b>.*>(.*)</a>.*<br>BF3 (.*),.*BF3 (.*),.*BF3 (.*)<.*<b>Match Date:</b><br>(.*)EST.*". If you need help modifying this portion of the code then post in the comments section. Right click on the Rainmeter icon in the task bar and go to
Skins->illustro->Notes and click on Notes.ini
The display should now be showing.
If the display is not showing then once again right click on the Rainmeter icon in the task bar and select “Refresh all”.
In order to move the TWL Display simply left click and drag. If the display doesn’t move then right click on the text, hover over “Settings”, and make sure that “Draggable” is checked. If draggable is greyed out then right click on the display text and unload the skin as you previously did for the default Rainmeter displays.
Now re-enable the skin by following the steps above and draggable should be checked by default.

Move the display to your desired location and you’re done! If you’d like to set the position to make sure that you won’t accidently move the display then right click on the text and uncheck draggable.