XBMC Choppy/Jittery Playback Fix

Base Settings
System>Video output
Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen:  Off
Blank other displays:  Off
Vertical blank sync:  Always Enabled
Render method:  DXVA
Allow hardware acceleration (DXVA2):  On
Adjust display refresh rate to match video:  On
Pause during refresh rate change:  Off
Sync playback to display:  On
A/V sync method:  Video clock (Resample audio)
Allowed error in aspect ratio to minimize black bars:  None
Display 4:3 videos as:  Stretch 16:9
Activate Teletext:  On

Settings that didn’t have an effect on the jitter:
XBMC in fake full screen mode with de-interlacing turned on or off gives me jittery playback.
Enabling “Adjust display refresh rate to match video” had no effect on the jitter.
Enabling “Sync playback to display” had no effect on the jitter.
Setting the video “Render method” to DXVA had no effect on the jitter.

Settings that caused the jitter:
De-interlacing turned on with XBMC in true full screen mode gives me jittery playback.
Windows Aero while XBMC is in fake full screen mode.

Settings that fixed the jitter:
I was able to fix the jitter by running XBMC in true full screen mode. While this fixed the jitter there were too many downfalls for me to be satisfied. I have my TV running off of my main PC with two other monitors and I often like to multitask by using both at the same time. This isn’t possible while XBMC is in true full screen mode. If you click off of the monitor/TV where XBMC is located then the program will instantly minimize and the refresh rate will reset back to default (if you’re using the above settings). Due to this setback I continued tweaking the settings.

The second fix is to either disable Windows Aero entirely or to run XBMC.exe with the “Disable desktop composition” option checked. You can find this option by right clicking on XBMC.exe and clicking on properties and then on the compatibility tab. What this option does is automatically disable Windows Aero while XBMC is running. However, while this option gave me smooth video playback it brought upon a new issue. Approximately 1/4 up my screen there was now a clear horizontal line that was out of sync. To fix this issue I simply changed the “Vertical blank sync” setting to disabled.


Quick(er) Version (while using the base settings above)
Option 1) Fullscreen
Enable true fullscreen mode

Option 2) Windowed Mode
Disable the setting “Vertical blank sync”