XBMC Video Playback is Blank (Only Audio)

When I attempted to play some of my videos in XBMC they would only display a blank black screen but the audio would still play. To get to the root of the problem I enabled debugging, played the troublesome video, and then checked the most recent entries in the log file located here: C:\Users\Peter\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\xbmc.log

XBMC Debugging

As expected there were several warnings in the logfile but one line in particular stood out.

15:33:30 T:9520 WARNING: DXVA - colorspace not supported by processor, skipping frame

DXVA was the render method that I chose to use in the video settings (System -> Video -> Playback).

To fix the problem I changed the render method to auto detect and then I restarted XBMC. Afterwards the video played properly.
XBMC Auto Detect